Self Hosted Blog Is Better Than Third Party Blog!

Before start blogging, we should think about a lot of things. Among them, the most confusing part is choosing the best blogging platform. We usually know that we can make our blog for free because there are many free blogging platforms are available out there like,,, etc.

Another option is to create a blog on a self-hosted blog. But for a self-hosted blog we have to spend some money. That's why many people don't need to use a self-hosted blog. They want to work on a free blogging platform. But is it a perfect decision to start blogging?

Here I will try to explain your confusion by pointing out some major issues of both self-hosted blog and third party blog. I will make a comparison among them. That will help you to take the decision of choosing a blogging platform.

Self Hosted Blog Vs Third Party Blog

Self Hosted Blog VS Third Party Blog:

First of all, we should know what Third Party Hosted blog is and what is Self Hosted Blog. In short, let's see an infographic where I have made a comparison with all highlighted points I have established:

Self Hosted Blog Vs Third Party Blog Infographic

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Hope you have understood the difference between a self-hosted blog and third party blog. Now you will be able to take the correct decision to start blogging. I am waiting to know your opinion. You can share your feedback in the comment section.

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