Best Google Adsense Alternatives - 10 High Paying Sites!

Are you a full-time blogger who has started blogging professionally to help others out there? Are you truly love to share your knowledge on your blog? Are you sharing quality and unique information on your blog? If yes then you are surely going to get more and more popularity and readers for your blog.

The good news is when you will get popularity then you will also be able to earn a decent income from your blog. Many professional blogger’s goal is to make money from their blog and they build up their blog for only this purpose. It is very true that a popular blog could bring you thousands per month.

There are many PPC/CPC advertising networks are available out there. Most of the blogger make money through these advertising networks. Among all ads network, the most popular and high paying advertising network is Google Adsense. Adsense is not only popular for its high pay rate but also for its publisher friendly features.

Because of its high pay rate and some extreme features, it is a dream for every blogger to get an AdSense account. But AdSense receives thousands of application per day. Among those a few application become grunted. Even getting Adsense approval is becoming more and more difficult day by day so if anyone don’t follow their guideline correctly, then he will surely get rejected by google Adsense.

Best Google Adsense Alternatives Adsense requires a quality publisher to give approval. Many new bloggers apply for Adsense without following AdSense's guideline and quality requirement.

That’s why they get rejected by Adsense. If you are one of them, then I will recommend you to follow my guaranteed Google Adsense Account Approval guideline and reapply. You will surely get Adsense approval.

But if you can not fulfill Adsense's requirement or you have banned by AdSense for violating their TOS then will your earning stop forever from your blog?

No, my friend, as I have said before that there is also some high paying CPC/PPC network available except Google AdSense. So these will help you to make money from your blog. So if you lost your AdSense account, try one of the Google Adsense alternative listed below :

Best Google Adsense Alternatives :

1. - Best Google Adsense Alternative is pretty similar to Google Adsense. You can use this contextual advertisement network as an alternative to Google Adsense. is very popular advertisement network. It is powered by yahoo. You can earn revenue from this network if you have a qualified blog.

This will provide you the opportunity to manage and customize your ads like AdSense. Obviously, is a large advertisement network so you will get many high paying niche ads for your site. To get a publisher account you can request an invite.

High ad relevancy increases the chance to get more clicks on ads.A minimum traffic is required for apply.
You can use ads with different ads network.The approval process is comparatively slow
Second high paying CPC network.

Payment Processor: Wire Transfer, PayPal.
Minimum Payout: $100
Ad Type: Text ads, Text, And Image, Video ads.

2. Chitika:

Chitika - Best Google Adsense Alternative

If you need to show your visitors the most relevant ads, then let me inform you that Chitika provides most relevant ads searched by your visitors like Google Adsense. By this time Chitika is developed enough and started offering display ads too. You can redesign your Chitika ads and will be able to select ad size from their large number of pre-sized ads.

More than 350,000 publishers worldwide.Some approval process could take up to 7 days
Usable with other advertising networks.Mobile ads are different.
You can make extra money from their referral program.Cost Per Click (CPC) is comparatively low.

Payment Processor: Paypal, Cheque
Minimum Payout: 10 $ For Paypal, 50 $ For Cheque
Ad Type: Text And Image Ads.

3. Buy Sell Ads:

Buy Sell Ads - Best Google Adsense Alternative

Buy Sell Ads connects advertisers and publishers directly so if you are thinking to monetize your blog, Buy Sell Ads could be a perfect choice. This company shares up to 75 % of their revenue.

Average publisher payout is 50%Analysis reports, and self-development supports are comparatively weak.
You can determine your own price for ad slot.Little complicated on earning increase operations.
Low minimum payout

Payment Processor: N/A
Minimum Payout: 50$
Ad Type: Text And Image Ads.

4. RevenueHits:

RevenueHits - Best Google Adsense Alternative

RevenueHits will serve contextual and Geo-targeted ads for the publisher. This will increase the chance to attract more visitors. This CPA based advertising network will let you earn a standard amount. Revenue hits display two billion ad impression per day. Expert marketers and technical team are working on this network science 2008. So there is no doubt that this could be your one of the google Adsense alternative.

Different ads format is supported.Countrywide earning fluctuation
Easy signup with instant approvalLow fill rate and eCPM rate.
Subdomains and Third party hosted sites are also accepted

Payment Processor: Paypal, Payoneer, Wire Transfer.
Minimum Payout: $50
Ad Type: Display & Rich Media, Text Ads, Pop Ups/Unders, Custom Formats of Ads.

5. Clicksor:

Clicksor - Best Google Adsense Alternative

Clicksor will provide you the most relevant ads based on your website content. It is a contextual advertising network where you will be able to get instant approval. You will get different types of ads format like Inline Text Links, Graphical Banners, Text Banners, Interstitial Ads and Pop-Under.

Minimum payout is only 50$Difficult to use with AdSense.
Up to 85% revenue sharing within every 15 days.Pay rate is very low.
Various ad format and payment process in time.Countrywide pay rate fluctuation

Payment Processor: Paypal, Cheque
Minimum Payout: $50
Ad Type: Text Ads, Image Ads, Inline text link ads, Banner Ads, Pop-up under ads, Video ads.

6. Infolinks:

Infolinks - Best Google Adsense Alternative

This is one of the most popular Google Adsense alternatives. Many blogger use infolinks pay per click advertisement to their blog. Infolinks ads contain some exceptional feature what other PPC network doesn’t provide. You will get instant approval for Infolink publisher account. You may start showing infolink ads to your site as the way you want and earn a decent income like others.

It is very easy to install and use.Should serve more relevant ads.
Instant approval.Earning is very low.
Doesn’t take extra space for displaying ads.

Payment Processor: N/A
Minimum Payout: N/A
Ad Type: Text ads, In a frame, In search, In tag ads.

7. Tribal Fusion:

Tribal Fusion - Best Google Adsense Alternative

To get approved by Tribal fusion you must have a minimum 500 000 unique visitor per month. So if your blog or website is new and doesn’t match this condition then don’t apply. But if you are able to fulfill their requirement then you will get 55% of all ads revenue.

It shares up to 55% revenue.It requires minimum 500,000 unique visitors per month to join the program.
Payment processed 15th of every month.Not suitable for new bloggers.
Different ad formats supported like the banner, popup, floating, etc.

Payment Processor: Check within 45 days.
Minimum Payout: $50
Ad Type: Text ads, Audio, Video ads.

8. Adversal:

Adversal - Best Google Adsense Alternative

If your website gets 50,000 page views in a month then this could be an excellent choice of google Adsense alternative for you. If your site meets Adversal requirements, you will get a quick approval. This advertising network is high paying and multi-language supported.

Effective reporting system to analyze ad campaigns.Countrywide pay rate fluctuation is noticed.
The minimum payout is very low.Complex approval process with high requirements.
You will receive your payment in time.

Payment Processor: PayPal, Check, and Wire Transfer.
Minimum Payout: $20
Ad Type: Banner ads (Different Size), Pop-unders.

9. VigLink:

VigLink - Best Google Adsense Alternative

VigLink will turn some key phrases into affiliate links of your content. This is very suitable for e-commerce sites. You can monetize your site through VigLink very effectively. This will share 30% - 50% revenue. Getting approval from VigLink is not so tough so you can use it as an AdSense alternative.

You will get your payment in time.Could decrease your user experience while using with any other in-text ads network.
Very easy setup, Plugins are available for different CMS.
Usable with Google Adsense.

Payment Processor: PayPal.
Minimum Payout: $10
Ad Type: In-text advertising.

10. Qadabra:

Qadabra - Best Google Adsense Alternative

Qadabra is one of the most attractive Google Adsense alternatives. The eye-catching ads will increase the chance to get more clicks. Getting approval from qadabra is relatively easy. You will be able to generate a different type of banner ads. Popup and slider ads are also supported by qadabra. You can generate income through clicks and impression.

Easy signup and approval process.Nothing significant to mention.
Minimum payout is only $1.
Different types of rich media advertising.

Payment Processor: Paypal,  Payoneer, Wire Transfer.
Minimum Payout: $1 and $500 for Wire.
Ad Type: Different types of Banner, Popup ads, Slider ads.

These ad networks are the best and top paying Google AdSense alternatives, Choose one of them based on your need and try to make some extra money if you are not using Adsense. If you are using any other ad network not listed above, share through the comment section.

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