Google Adsense Account Approval - 8 Working Tips!

Have you heard about CPC (Cost Per Click) advertising network? That exactly what Adsense is. Adsense is a high paying CPC advertising network and loved by thousands of online money maker. All new blogger who have not got Adsense account approval yet, Adsense is a dream for them.

It is loved by all money making blog owners because of its pay rate. Adsense shares up to 68% revenue with its publishers. There are also some other great features of AdSense makes it exceptional from other CPC advertising network.

  • Adsense will serve the most relevant ads in your blog through a complex algorithm by measuring user’s interest. This activity will increase the chance to get clicks on your ads.
  • Adsense will serve contextual ads which will be shown based on your blog content.
  • Approved Adsense account holder will get a complete performance report of each ad individually. In this way, he can understand and improve ads placement.
  • Adsense ad code generation tool is another attraction of AdSense. You can customize your every ad as the way you want. You can implement colors, sizes, etc.
  • Prominent help links are available on every page of AdSense account to make the AdSense account management easy for the publisher.

Adsense is developing its features day by day and getting Adsense account approval is also becoming harder day by day. Almost every new blogger has a dream to get Adsense account approval because they want to make money from their blog by using the world’s largest CPC advertising network.

Every day Google gets thousands of application for getting Adsense account approval but a few of them get selected. So what is the reason? Today I will tell you why people don’t get Google Adsense account approval and what should you do to get guaranteed approval.

Get Google Adsense Account Approval:

I am going to give you 8 working tips to get Google Adsense account approval. If you can follow this instruction, you will surely get Google Adsense approval. So read every point very carefully and try to apply for your blog before applying for Adsense.

1. You should choose a top level domain:

As I have told you that, it was very easy to get Adsense account approval a few months ago. Many people get approval by using their third-party hosted blog like Blogger, Weebly,, etc. They use their sub-domain for applying and getting approval. But it is not possible by this time.

In present time Google is not approving sub-domains for AdSense account even Google banned many sub-domain and low-level domain sites a few days ago from AdSense publisher program. Here are some examples of that kind of domains : .tk, .cc, etc.

So, if you were planning to run your website on that kind of domain and applying for Adsense account then forget it. That type of domain will not show your professionalism and passion on blogging. So if you are planning to take blogging seriously and get Google Adsense account approval, you must have a top level domain like .com, .net, .org etc. Here is a graphical scratch to make you understand the top level domain and subdomain :
Top Level Domain Vs Sub Domains
  • - undoubtedly a top level domain but
  • – is a third party hosted sub domain.

If you wish to get a top level domain, then you will have to spend some money to buy it. Purchase a domain name from a trusted company like Bluehost or Godaddy. There are also some important things you should remember before purchasing a domain name:

  • Try to avoid downloads, crack, hacks type of words from your domain name.
  • Do not try to use any established brand name in your domain because this activity could violate copyrights.
  • You are strongly prohibited to use any adult terms in your domain like porn, sex, xxx, etc.
  • In the case of buying an old and used domain name, please check whether the domain name is blacklisted or not for any spammy activity. You should also check whether the domain is penalized by Google or not.

2. Take a look at website design and navigation system:

Google Adsense quality assurance team tells us to use a clean and better design on our blog. The design is related to your user experience and Google always remains conscious of the user experience of a site.

Another important thing is the navigation system of your site. Let people have a complete idea about your site by providing a simple navigation system. This will improve your user experience and will also help to get Adsense account approval.

Whatever blogging platform you are using doesn't matter. There are thousands of free and premium AdSense friendly themes and templates are available out there. Go and choose a clean theme with a simple navigation system for your blog.

If you wish to spend some money then, you can buy premium themes, or you can download free themes too. Here I have suggested some free premium looking blogger templates.

Another important thing is website LOGO. A logo will express your professionalism. A logo will give an identity to your blog or business. So you should design a beautiful logo for your blog too.

3. Check your site has important pages or not:

As I have told you before that Google will not consider with the user experience of your site. So it is essential for you to make important pages for your blogs. Before applying for Adsense account you must create these necessary pages for your blog otherwise, you will not get Adsense account approval.

Important Pages For Adsense

About Page: This is an essential page for your blog. Without the about page a blog is considered as incomplete. Many visitors search for about page after landing on your blog. People needs to know who is behind the blog and whom services, solutions, tutorials or whatever is shared on your blog they are reading. So create an about page to let people find their answer.

Contact Page: The most important page of a blog is contact page. You must provide your user a way to communicate with you. This page is required by Google Adsense team too. Except Adsense the page has another importance like if someone needs to promote his service or product then he will contact you with this contact page.

Privacy Policy/Terms & Conditions Page: Through this privacy policy page you will be able to set some rules for readers of your blog. You can tell them how to use your product or service, how your site is using their information, what is their limitation on your blog, about your copyright violation, etc.

4. Quality Of Content :

Have you ever heard that “Content Is King”? This is very true. So if you are thinking to get Adsense account approval then you must provide quality content on your blog. Your contents must be unique and original. Try to provide informative articles to get higher rank in search engines. Remember that, traffic is not a requirement for getting Adsense. Google like descriptive and informative article which add some value to your readers.
Unique Content Is King
Let me highlight some important points about quality content. I hope you will become more clear about the importance of quality content after that. Quality content is important to

  • Get higher rank in search engines.
  • Get organic visitors from search engines.
  • Get returning visitors on your site.
  • Prove that you are an expert and finally
  • Get Google Adsense account approval.

You will not believe that many bloggers get Google Adsense approval with only 30 - 40 articles in their new blog. On the other hand, Adsense refuse many blogs contain 100 – 150 articles just because of the article quality. So you must write informative, descriptive (600 - 800 words minimum) and 100% original content for your blog.

Don’t ever try to get Adsense with duplicate (Copy – Paste from the web) content. Google will never give approval this kind of blog. And another important thing you should remember that Adult content, Hacking content, Cracking content, Gambling, Casino, Alcohol-related content and Copyright Violated content will never get Google Adsense account approval.

5. Do search engines submission and index monitoring:

We know that people depend on search engines for discovering information. So you must be conscious in this case. If you have done everything I have mentioned above, now it is time to take care of your hard work and let people discover your content.

Submit Site To Search Engines
To do this, we must think about search engines. There are many search engines available out there, but we will target only some top ranked search engines first like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

We will have to submit our site to these search engines. This will prove that you know how to bring your content in front of the world.

This simple work will increase the chance to get Google Adsense account approval. Add your site to Google and Bing webmaster tools and submit your sitemap there. Then keep monitoring your site and check that Google is indexing your site regularly or not.

For many new blogs, Google could take up to 1 – 2 weeks for indexing the site. If your blog is new, then don’t worry. Keep patience and regularly check whether Google is indexing your site or not. Go to the and type to see the total number of indexed URLs of your blog.

To increase your site’s crawl rate and get a faster index of search engines, you can share your articles on top social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google plus, etc after publishing. Also, try to create some backlinks (Blog Comment for the primary stage) and internal links too.

6. Focus on webmaster tools and analytics:

These are two very important services provided by Google. So you should connect your site with these services. Google webmaster tools will report about your website’s activity and performance on search engines. Google analytics will provide a complete report of visitors of your site.

In this way, you can monitor your site properly. You can take any action to improvise your site’s critical issue very quickly after getting notification from these services. This action will bring you one step forward to get Google Adsense account approval.

7. Remove other ads while applying Adsense:

Your site may have ads from another Affiliate program but before applying to Google Adsense you should remove all other ads from your site while AdSense verification continues.

Obviously, you will be able to use other ads with AdSense as Google says but in the mean time of AdSense verification, you should not use any other ads on your site.

8. Additional tips to get Google Adsense account approval:

  • If you have more than one website, then you should apply for Google Adsense account with your best site.
  • You can not apply for Google Adsense account with any Adsense unsupported language. Here is a list of Adsense supported languages.
  • Do not use any fake information while applying for Adsense. All of your submitted information will be verified by Google Adsense so be careful.
  • Only adult (18 +) can apply and participate in Google Adsense program.
  • A minimum 6-month-old domain name is needed for Asian countries for applying.
  • Remember, traffic is not the requirement for getting Adsense account approval but be conscious of fulfilling the above criteria.
  • Google hates copyrighted images so try to avoid using those in your site. If necessary then use free pictures (search under "all creative commons" and read the license agreement carefully) in your site by providing proper credits.
  • Finally, you should take a look once in the AdSense terms and conditions.

If you can maintain everything I have told you above, then you will surely get Google Adsense account approval. After applying, you will face two-step verification. After passing first step verification, you will get the access to your AdSense account.

From there you will have to create AdSense ad code and put it on your site. When Adsense gets impressions from your site, your second step verification will be started. The estimated time for this process is one week. After having full approval, you will be able to put AdSense ads on any other site.

So, my friend, this was a complete guideline you should follow before applying to Google Adsense. Hope it was helpful for you. If you like this article, then please share it. I respect your voice and opinion so feel free to communicate with me through comment. Thank You for your valuable time. Happy Blogging.

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According to this article, I am now Guaranteed for Google Adsense Account Approval, I think. I have checked everything for my site as you suggested here. Everything is fine, I am happy. What I have to do for applying for Adsense is waiting for six months as an Asian blogger.

Nice to hear that you are prepared for applying to google Adsense. Remember that, only hard work can bring success. If you have tested above criteria for your blog and got positive result then Keep publishing quality information. Hope you will get Adsense approval soon. Best of luck.

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