How To Start Blogging On Blogger - Beginner Guide.

So, you are thinking to start blogging on blogger. In this case, I will tell you that blog is the easiest way to communicate your targeted audience worldwide. It is one of the greatest ways to share your knowledge and experience with others.

Even a blog could bring your voice everywhere in the world based on your need. Through a blog, you will get in touch with different kind of people. You can build your community, readers, followers and fans too. I personally appreciate it.

But before start blogging you should think about the purpose of your blogging very carefully. Don’t understand? Ok, let me make you clear. People start blogging for many purposes. Someone start blogging only for fun. Someone start blogging for personal purpose, for sharing knowledge, for expressing their experience, for promoting products or services, for helping others, for connecting people, for being creative, etc. So what is your purpose of blogging?

Start Blogging On Blogger
I am telling all of these because I personally think that without a perfect goal based on the purpose of blogging will decrease your interest of blogging in future. Even this will also not let you build up an excellent strategy to run your blog successfully.

Whatever topic you choose or whatever the reason of your blogging doesn't matter, but this is true that every blogger needs to be popular, and every blogger needs to make money from their blog (conditional).

If you are also thinking to be popular and wishing to make money from your blog, then you must be passionate about blogging. You must work hard. You must have enough knowledge about your blog topic. You must be conscious about SEO. You must be aware of your targeted audience, and  You must provide quality and unique information to your readers. If you can maintain these criteria, then you will be able to become famous and make money from your blog. Now, take a deep breath and let's go for the rest.

Here, you are seeking for the information that how to start blogging on blogger. I will provide a step by step guide, and I hope that you will be able to make your blog live in blogger after following my instruction. But before that, you should know that what is

What Is Blogger?

Blogger is a free third-party blogging platform powered by Google. One can make a free blog with almost unlimited space in blogger. If you are thinking to create a blog without investing money, then this is the most popular free blogging platform you can use.

There are also some free third party blogging platforms are available out there like,,,, etc. Among all third party blogging platforms, I personally support blogger because of its features and flexibility.

Some Key Features Of Blogger:

Freedom Of Designing: Blogger will let you edit the CSS, HTML, javascript codes of your blog. So you will be able to redesign your blog as the way you want. You can rearrange every element of your blog to customize it. You can provide a fully professional look to your blog. If you don’t know coding, then you can design your blog through a ready template. There are thousands of free blogger templates and widgets are available out there.

Traffic Driving Sources: Blogger has two awesome built in features which will help you to bring targeted traffic to your blog. One is Google Plus, and another one is Adwords. Google Plus is free to use. After publishing a new article, Google Plus promoter will ask and share your post. If you wish to spend some money for getting targeted audience, Adwords will do it for you.

Money Making Opportunity: Blogger will let you apply to Google Adsense from the dashboard. After getting the approval, you may use Google Adsense with blogger and earn money from your blog. You also have the freedom to implement any affiliate links or promotion to make money from your blogger blog without violating their policy.

Although professional bloggers always support self-hosted blog to start blogging but in the case of making a  free blog, I encourage blogger. But if you have the ability to spend a little bit of making your blog then I will also suggest you self-hosted blog because there are some difference between third party and a self-hosted blog.

How To Start Blogging On Blogger?

To start blogging with blogger, you must have a Google account. As I have told you, that Blogger is powered by Google. Here is a step by step guide:

1. Go to and sign in with your Google (Gmail) account’s username and password. After signing in if Blogger asks for choosing profile then select “Google Plus profile.” Click on continue. This will bring you inside your blogger account. You can create your free blog here.

2. At the top left corner of the blogger account, you will see a button named “New Blog.” Click on this button to create a new blog in blogger.

3. A new popup will open after clicking the “New Blog” button which will ask you to provide a blog title, blog address, and template.

Start Blogging On Blogger

Title: In the title section you must provide the title of your blog. For my blog, the title is “Demo Platform”.

Address: This is the free domain name section of your blog. Put the name of your domain here. This will generate a domain name for your blog under Blogspot subdomain like So put your domain name here and see if it is available or not. If available then keep it otherwise try another.

Template: Choose a template for your blog. Pick anyone from the list because you will be able to change it later. If you don’t like these default templates, then don’t worry. There are thousands of premium looking blogger templates are available out there for free.

4. If the configuration is finished, click on the “Create Blog” button. Your new blogger blog should be created and listed in your blogger account. So now you will be able to see your newly created blog like this:

Start Blogging On Blogger

  • To see your newly created blog live on the web, click on the “View blog” button.
  • To go to the blogger dashboard, click on the drop-down arrow and select Overview. Here is a screenshot to make your better understand:

Start Blogging On Blogger

Introduction To Blogger Dashboard:

Still now you have successfully created your blog on blogger. But here are few other things you should know. If you are a beginner, then you may don’t know the use of Blogger CMS. Let me give you some basics:

Overview: The OVERVIEW section will show you some major activity reports of your blog like page views, comments, total published post, total comments, the latest news from blogger, etc.

Posts: Posts section will show your total number of the existing blogger blog post. You can edit, view, share and delete your published blog post.

Pages: Your existing blog’s pages will be listed here which you will be able to edit or delete.You can also create new pages by clicking on the “New Page” button from this section.

Comments: Total number of blog comments will be listed here. You can moderate, edit or delete comments of your blog from this section.

Google+: You can connect your Google Plus profile with your Blogspot blog in this section. Once the Google Plus is connected with your blogger blog, the sharing of your published post will be easy.

Stats: Stats section will show you the total number of visitors to your blog. Total page views, traffic sources, audience report, will also be available here.

Earnings: You can apply for Google Adsense from this blogger earning section. When your blog becomes popular, you will be able to make money from your blog.

Campaigns: Campaign section will allow you to advertise your blog through Google Adwords. You can reach your targeted audience and get more readers to your blog from this section.

Layout: Layout section will allow you to re-arrange elements of your blog. You can add new gadgets or delete any existing from here.

Template: You can add a new template, edit existing template, edit HTML codes of your template from this section. You can also backup or restore your blogger template here.

Settings: You can control your overall blogger blog’s vital functionality from this section like the blog’s search engine visibility, custom domain names, redirections, meta tags, email control, RSS redirection, analytics implementation, etc.

This was an overview of blogger dashboard. I have told you some essential activity of these elements. Now let's learn how to configure the setting section and publish your first post in your newly created blog.

How To Configure The Settings Section Of Blogger?

Blogger settings section contains Basic, Comments, Email, Language, Search and Other settings. Let's see how to configure blogger’s settings section:

Basic: In the basic settings section check for the title and description of your blog. If these fields are empty, then fill up them with proper title and description.

How To Configure The Settings Section Of Blogger?

Posts and comments: Configure posts settings as the way you want or leaves it default. In the comment moderation – select “Always.

How To Configure The Settings Section Of Blogger?

Search Preferences: Click on the edit link of “Meta Tags (Description).” Enable this and put a meta description for your site. Click on the "Save Changes" button.

How To Configure The Settings Section Of Blogger?

That’s it. These were some basic settings you should take care for a new blog. Now it is time to publish your first post. So let's go for it.

How To Create New Post In Blogger?

You have successfully created your free Blogspot blog. Now it is time to publish your first post in blogger. To do that go to the “Post” section. At the top left corner, you will see an orange button named “New post.” Click on that.

How To Create New Post In Blogger?

After clicking on the new post button, you will see something like below. Give your post title in the title section. Paste your article in the body section as shown below.

Now go to the “Post settings” at the right side. Click on the Labels > Give a Label (Tag) of your post > Click on the “done” button. Click on the “Search Description” section. Give a short description ( 70-160 characters long for SEO purpose) for your post. This will be your post’a meta description.

How To Create New Post In Blogger?

Everything seems right. Now click on the “Publish” button (Orange button in the above image). Go to your blog and refresh the page. You will see the post on your blog.

This was a complete guide for beginner to start blogging with blogger. Hope this article was helpful for you. If you like this article, then please share this for supporting my efforts. Thank You.

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