How To Choose Keywords For SEO - Rank Up Easily?

We all know that, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the only way to get visible in search engines. So if you are thinking to get your business, products or website visible and get higher rank in search engines, then you must be conscious about search engine optimization.

When we are talking about SEO, we can’t forget keywords. Keyword means the search term through people find your site in search engines. So it is very clear that if we need search engine rank for our site, we must focus on our targeted keywords.

Choosing perfect keywords will drive you towards your success. There are some important factor works behind choosing keywords. If you can choose the perfect keyword, it will drive you to the success more easily. In this post, I will show you how to choose keywords for SEO?

Usually, if you make any mistake while choosing keywords, surely you are going to lose time and money. On the other hand, if you can choose the perfect keyword for your site, you will be able to save your time and money. You will also take a step forward to your success. When your keywords get higher rank in search engines, you will get thousands of organic visitors.

How To Choose Keywords For SEO

One thing you should always keep in your mind that, organic visitors (visitors come from search engines) are best for your site. Organic visitors will increase the sell rate of your product and service. Organic visitors can bring you thousands of dollars, and organic visitors are the key to success for any kind of online business.

How To Choose Keywords For SEO?

So still now everything is depending on your keywords. That’s why I am going to discuss here how to choose keywords for SEO - the perfect keyword to become successful. I am going to share some strategy to choose the right keyword.

Start Analyzing Keywords By Yourself:
I think first of all you should analyze keywords by yourself. Remember, only you have the better idea what type of site you are going to build? If you are going to build up your website about health care, then you will understand what kind of keywords will be relevant to your site. So first of all, try to focus on your topic, think and analyze about your topic-related keywords.

You may get help from various online free keyword research tools to make a perfect strategy on keyword choosing by yourself. After choosing your keywords, you must become confident that you will be able to get traffic from search engines through those keywords.

Think About Long Tail Keywords:
Think About Long Tail Keyword! You may have seen in various keyword research tools result that, short keywords get thousands of hits against the long tail keywords. So the question may come in your mind that why I am telling to think about long tail keywords?

Let me tell you. Long tail keywords may bring less traffic than short keywords but choose long tail keywords is the magic formula for an effective SEO.
If you choose short terms keywords, you must have a huge competition. You will have to spend thousands of dollars to get a higher rank and with some organic traffic, you will get a large number of irrelevant traffic with short keywords.

But long tail keyword will bring you totally relevant organic traffic with a less afford and money. You will also be able to save your time and money. Most importantly you will get target organic traffic with long tail keywords within a short time.

So how to choose long tail keyword? If you pick a keyword for your site like “Health Care” it is of course hard to promote and get higher rank in search engines because sites containing high PR like Wikipedia or other already have the highest rank for this keyword in search engines. But if you choose a keyword like “regular health care tips for us” it could bring you target traffic with less afford.

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Use Location Based Keywords:
It is another important method to bring your SEO success in an easy way. Think you have an online car store in Texas. So if you highlight your business place in your keyword like “The best car deals in Texas” will obviously bring you quality and targeted customer in your location except choosing “best car deals.”

Get Help From Online Keyword Research Tools:
You may also get help from online free keyword research tools to understand the competition of keywords and monthly local or global search. I have already published an article about best free keyword research tools. If you wish, you may take a look.

Use Keywords For Generating SEO Friendly Content.

After choosing a keyword, it is time to implement this into your content. Remember that this is very important for generating an SEO friendly content. If you can not implement keyword into your content perfectly then all of your hard work for choosing keyword will be a big wastage of time.

I have already told you how to choose keywords for SEO, and I hope you have successfully chosen your desire one. Now follow these rules to make your content SEO friendly for your chosen keyword.

  • Put your keyword in the page title. (Title contains h1 tag)
  • Try to generate URL which contains your chosen keyword.
  • Use at least one subheading (h2) which contains your chosen keyword.
  • Use the keyword into the content body naturally but avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Try to keep your chosen keyword into the first paragraph of your content.
  • Finally, use meta description and put your chosen keyword there. 

Hope these tips will help you to choose keywords for SEO. You have learned how to choose keywords and how to implement it into your content. Now make your strategy and apply. You will surely get a good result. If you have any better way, you may share with us through comment.

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As a fresher in SEO, I would like to learn more on keyword research. Thanks for sharing the post in mind of beginners.
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