How To Fix Broken Links - Find And Fix Broken Links In Blogger.

We must keep a lot of things in our mind for being a successful blogger. We must be conscious about a lot of major facts to get higher ranks in search engines. Many different types of issues could be created through our blogging life. Among those, Broken links are one of the common problems so we should know how to fix broken links of our blog.

We should always remember that blogging is not a matter of a day. We must keep it in our mind that blogging success is a long time process. We must take care of our blog continuously over time to make it famous. So we should know the perfect way to deal with every single issue including broken links of our blog.

In this case, I will show you how to fix broken links for the world’s most popular blogging platform (Blogger). It is a very important issue and according to me, every blogger and webmaster should know how to find and fix broken links so let’s start from the beginning.

What Are Broken Links?

If you are a professional blogger and trying to become successful, then you are surely publishing informative and unique contents on your blog. Among those, many contents have already got higher ranks in search engines. But have you ever noticed that some of you old contents are losing ranks over time?

I know that there could be many reasons behind losing ranks, but the most common reason is some existing broken and bad links of those articles. Broken links are also called dead links because these links show a 404 error page when clicked by someone.

Broken links are terrible for SEO. Broken links also decrease user experience of your blog. These are two significant effects of broken links, so if your content has some broken links, then you will lose your user experience and search engine ranks. So this is very important to find and fix broken links regularly of your site.

Why Should We Find And Fix Broken links?

If someone removes any backdated post from his blog, then the URL of that post become dead. These kinds of links are also counted as broken links. So this is clear that broken links could be created naturally. Removing content from your site doesn't mean that the URL of that content is deleted from search engines or anywhere else you had shared.

So think that when people find and click on that broken link, they will be redirected to a 404 error page. Your user will surely be disappointed in this activity. Even a large number of broken links could also make search engine’s boot very unhappy so fixing broken links is very important.

If you think that broken links will be detected and removed by search engines automatically, then this is true but let me tell you, my friend, that this is a very long time process. In the meantime, your blog’s user experience could be destroyed if your blog contains a large number of broken links.

How To Find Broken Links In Blogger?

The most effective and easy way to find broken links in blogger is by using Google Webmaster Tools. The entire task is very suitable for those who are using Blogger blogging platform.

If your website is verified in Google Webmaster tools, then you will get a complete report on broken links of your site. You will get the report under the “Crawl Error” section of Google Webmaster tools. Here is a screenshot:

How To Find Broken Links In Blogger?

Google’s crawler will come to your site and check all of your website’s valid links. If it finds any dead or broken link on your site, then these links will be collected and listed under crawl error section of Google Webmaster tool. So you will be able to find all of your website’s broken links here.

How To Fix Broken Links In Blogger?

I hope you have got the total number of broken links of your website through webmaster tools. Now let’s go for fixing them. One of the best ways to resolve the broken link issue is redirects. If you find a broken or dead link on your website, then you can easily redirect that to a live link. In the case of blogger, you can use blogger’s custom redirects to do it easily. Here is a complete guide to redirect blogger old URL to new.

Redirect blogger old URL to new.

There is another common way to generate broken links in your blog. That is whenever you delete any content from your blog. The URL of the deleted content is counted as broken link, and there is no way to redirect that deleted broken link to a live link in blogger. So what can we do?

Don’t worry. Everything is updating day by day so old and useless content will be deleted. Google also believe that this is a natural process where new content will be published, and useless content will always be removed.

So we can consider these kind of broken links are natural. For this small amount of natural broken links, we really don’t have to become worried because Google will take care about these. Google will count and drop this kind of broken links from its index over time.

Not recommended: But if you need to remove this kind of naturally broken links immediately then you can send a URL removal request to Google. Here are the steps to do it:

  1. Go to your Google Webmaster tools.
  2. Click on your blog.
  3. Go to the “Google Index” section.
  4. Click on the “Remove URLs” link.
  5. Click on the “Temporarily hide” button and put the URL into the box.

URL removal request to Google

Now click on the “Continue” button and follow the instruction.

From the above discussion, I guess you have got a clear idea of broken links and hope you will be able to fix them for your site. I have suggested you several ways to find and fix your blogger’s broken links. So now you know How to fix broken link for blogger.

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