Redirect Blogger Blog And Traffic To Another Website?

The redirect could be very important for a different purpose. We may need to redirect blogger to new address several. But still, now many bloggers don't know how to redirect blogger blog. We should learn it because whenever you think about to change your existing web address to a new one, you must set a redirection.

Otherwise, you will lose all of your existing visitors, ranking, and backlinks. Another important solution I have published in our blogger solution section. That is about how to redirect blogger old URL to new? If you wish, you may take a look on that. Now let’s come to the point:

Why Should We Redirect Blogger Blog?

Redirect Blogger Blog And Traffic. I have already told you something that why should we redirect blogger blog. Now I will tell you in detail with some example. Suppose you had started a blog on blogger. We all know that Blogger is a free third-party blogging platform. So you will not have the opportunity to customize or bring changes as the way you want.

So if you need to move on your self-hosted blogging platform what you will do? Will you left your old blog and start from the beginning? No, my friend. You can not lose your hard work at any cost. In this case, you will need to redirect blogger blog after exporting.

Whenever you redirect your old third party blog to your newly self-hosted blog, you will not lose any of your hard work and visitors. This is the best way to redirect blogger blog, so we must learn how to redirect it appropriately.

Redirect Blogger Blog And Traffic:

In this post, I will show you three different way to redirect blogger blog and traffic to another website. If you wish to redirect your complete blogger blog including all of your posts, pages, images, archives and other existing URLs of your old blog to an external website or your new blog, then you will have to edit your blogger template.

You should use this method if you wish to move to a new domain. I will strongly recommend you to keep a backup of your blogger template before editing. If you don’t know how to backup your blogger template, then you may take a look on How To Backup Blogger Template to have a clear concept. Now follow these steps:

Redirect Blogger Blog To Another Website:

1. First of all login to your blogger account and go to your blog dashboard.

2. From the left menu click on “Template”. After that, you will see the “Edit HTML” button so click on it and open the HTML editor to see your blog's template codes.

Edit Blogger Template
3. Now you will have to search and find the <head> tag. Copy the code from the box below and paste it right after the <head> tag as shown in the image below.

Redirect Blogger Blog To Another Website

Code :
<script type='text/javascript'>    var d='<data:blog.url/>';    d=d.replace(/.*//[^/]*/, '');    location.href = ''; </script>

In the above code, the highlighted URL is the destination URL where your blogger blog will be redirected. So you must change this highlighted URL with your destination URL.

Redirect Blogger URL To Another Website:

We have seen above how to redirect the whole blog. Now we will see how can we redirect a single particular URL of our blogger blog to another external website.

You can use this method if you don’t want to redirect your whole blog except redirecting a single page. To do that find the <head> tag in the same way as shown above. Then place the code right after <head>.

Code :
<script type='text/javascript'> if(window.location.href == ' '){window.location="";} </script>

If you wish that your old blog's visitors will be redirected to your new blog after a particular time then you may use this code to do that. In this way when a visitor will come to your old blog, he or she will be automatically redirected to your new blog after a specific time.

You must replace this URL with your blogger blog URL which one you want to redirect and also replace this URL with your own destination URL.

Redirect Blogger Blog After A Specific Time:

Code :
<meta content='5;url=' http-equiv='refresh'/>

You must place this code right after the <head> tag of your blogger template, and this code will start showing the magic. You must replace “5” and the URL highlighted above with your desired time and destination URL.

There should not be any problem but if it's not working for your blogger blog perfectly then open your HTML editor of your blogger blog template and place the above code right after this code:
<b:include data='blog' name='all-head-content'/>

Redirect Blogger Blog After A Specific Time

I have shown you three different methods to redirect your blogger blog and traffic to another website. Hope there will be no problem to set your own redirection, but if something occurs, you may contact me for the solution through our comment section.

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