How To Add Favicon To Blogger: Blogger Custom Favicon?

In this article, I will show you the way to add a favicon to blogger. Favicon is a major icon for an individual online identity. So every website or blog should have a unique favicon. If you are using Blogger blogging platform, then you may be worried about the favicon. Here you will learn how to add a custom favicon to your Blogger blog.

Blogger default favicon could be found in the layout section of blogger dashboard. So for making your unique online identity, you should create a favicon for your blog and then upload it to blogger to replace the default blogger favicon. Let me show you how to do it.

What Is A Favicon?

Before create and use a favicon for your blog you should have a clear concept about favicon. Favicon is a word stands for “Favorite Icon”. This is your unique online identity for your brand, business or blog. Almost every website has a unique favicon. You will notice that:

  • When you browse any page, take a look at the browser’s address bar.
  • For the predicted URL list of a browser.
  • Favicon is available for every individual tab you are opened in the browser.

What Is A Favicon?

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The Importance Of Favicons:

1. This is your unique online identity: Images could be processed more quickly than a text for the human brain. So a favicon will let your user recognize your website more easily if you use it for your site. Using favicon will improve the user experience of your site because they will find your site without any hesitation.

Even your readers will not get confuse to find your site from many opened tabs in their web browser. This is true that many people open more than one tab in their web browser, so this little unique identity will help them if they keep opening your site in a single tab.

2. It makes your site more attractive: A beautiful and noticeable favicon can make your blog more attractive. A favicon can improve your website’s look and make your website more noticeable to readers. So for making your site professional and beautiful, you should use a favicon.

3. This is very important for brands: Favicon works like a mini logo for a website so if you have an online business or brand then you should use a unique favicon for your website. Let people recognize your service or brand through your logo and favicon.

How To Add Favicon To Blogger?

From the above discussion, we are clear about the importance of a favicon. Now it is time to add a favicon to blogger. By default, blogger provides a favicon for all blogs. The default blogger favicon looks like this:

Default Blogger Favicon

We have to find this default blogger favicon and replace it with our custom favicon. According to me, you should use your logo as favicon. For doing this, first of all, you have to create your favicon. If you have already created a favicon for your blog, then this is fine. Otherwise, you can use “” online tool to generate a favicon for your blog.

This is a free online favicon generator. You can generate and download your favicon for free. Now follow my step by step instruction to add favicon to blogger:

1. First of all login to your blogger account.
2. Select your blog and go to the blogger dashboard.
3. From the left bar, click on the “Layout” section.
4. At the top left corner of the layout page, you will see the favicon widget.

How To Add Favicon To Blogger?

5. Click on the “edit” link as shown above to upload your existing or newly created favicon from your PC. Click on the “Save all changes” button and you are done.

How To Add Favicon To Blogger?

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Important: Clear all browser history and reload your site. You will see the favicon appears. Do not use PNG or JPEG format for the favicon. Icon format is best.

Hope you have done this entire process perfectly, and you have successfully added your own custom favicon to your Blogger blog. If not, then please let me know by leaving a comment. I will get back to you very soon.

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