How To Use Google Webmaster Tools For SEO?

Google is supporting their worldwide users by providing many effective and supportive tools. Among those, webmaster tools are best supportive tools for webmasters. Google webmaster tools are very important for search engine optimization. In this article, I will show you how to use Google webmaster tools for SEO?

But before that, we should know about some important features of Google Webmaster tools which will help us to make our site SEO friendly. So first we will know the importance of Google webmaster tools, and then we will learn the use of it. Now let's come to the point.

Importance Of Google Webmaster Tools For SEO?

Google webmaster tools provide a complete website analysis report to the website owner. It will tell a website owner how to improve the search engine visibility of the verified website. Some Important features of Webmaster tools are :

Features of google webmaster tools.
Report For Duplicate Content: If your website contains any duplicate content or duplicate meta description then Google webmaster tools will notify through “Search Appearance > HTML Improvements” section.

Report For Search Engine Visits/Organic Visits: Google webmaster tools will provide a complete report for the search engine visitors/organic visitors (visitor comes through search engines) in the “Search Traffic > Search Analytics” section.

Also, you will be able to see your keyword's position, average site’s position, Impressions, clicks, CTR, from which country those organic visitors come from, etc for a specific time in the same section of Google Webmaster tools.

Report For Every Single Post Format:  In the “Search Appearance > Structured Data” section you will find that every single content is well formatted or not. This will tell you about your article’s author, entry title, entry content, published date, when the content is updated, etc.

If your content is not well formatted like the content has no author specified, then this report will let you know about that. In this way, you will be able to make necessary changes to improve your content structure to make it more SEO friendly.

Backlinks Report: In the “Search Traffic > Links to Your Site” section you will get the complete backlink report of your site. This section will show you how much backlinks your website has. Also, you will get the list of domains with whose your website is linked.

Internal Linking Report: We all know the importance of internal linking for SEO. In the Search Traffic > Internal Links” section of Google Webmaster tools, we will see all internal links of our website. From here we can check and correct internal linking of our site if needed.

Notification For Google Penalty: If your website contains spam or duplicate content then Google may penalize your site. If your site has any manual spam then “Search Traffic > Manual Action” section will let you know about that.

Mobile Usability Report: In the “Search Traffic > Mobile Usability” section you will get your website’s mobile friendliness report. If your website is not mobile-friendly or any kind of mobile related issue exists then, Google webmaster tool will let you know in this section.

Google Index Report: Your website’s URLs are indexing correctly or not? This is a big question, but you will find the answer in the “Google Index > Index Status” section. In this section, webmaster tools will show how many URLs of your site are indexed by Google.

Remove URL Section: In the remove URL section of Google Webmaster Tools, You will be able to remove any of your indexed URL. If any content is published accidently and indexed by Google, then you can remove that one by using “Remove URLs” tool of Google Webmaster Tools.

Crawl Section Of Google Webmaster Tools : There are 5 important features available in the “Crawl” section of Google Webmaster Tools. These are very important for SEO. Here are the usages of this section :

  • Crawl Error: In this section, you will find your website’s broken (404) links, blocked URLs etc. You will come to know which URLs are not accessible by Google crawler.
  • Crawl Status: Crawl status section will show you how much URLs are crawled by google per day of your website.
  • Fetch as Google: This section will allow you to Fetch any URL of your site. You can ask Google to index any of your website URL immediately through this section.
  • Robots.txt Tester: Google will download and show your current ROBOTS.TXT file here. If your robots.txt file contains any error or block access of Google crawler, then you will be notified here.
  • Sitemap: Sitemap is very important for SEO. You can submit your sitemap in this section which will help google’s crawler to crawl and index your website more accurately.

These were some very important factors for a website’s SEO. Without analyzing and resolving issues related to above sections, it will be very hard to get higher rank in search engines. I have talked about some major features of Google Webmaster tools for SEO. But there are also many supportive features available in Google webmaster tools.

I guess from the above discussion you have understood how Google webmaster tools will help us for getting higher rank in search engines. So It is very important for every website owner to verify their site in Google webmaster tools. This is also recommended to know how to use these features of Google Webmaster tools for SEO.

How To Use Google Webmaster Tools?

I have already told you about some major features of Google Webmaster tools. Now I will show you how to add your website in Google webmaster tools for maintaining and making your website more SEO friendly. For adding a website perfectly we must verify our site’s ownership. After adding our site, we must submit our sitemap to Google webmaster tools.

Add Website To Google Webmaster Tools:

1. For Adding website to Google webmaster tools, go to Sign in by using your Gmail login detail (Username/Password). If you don’t have any Gmail account, then create one and then go for it.

2. After signing in, you will see a box. Put your website URL into the box as it is shown below. Now look at the right side of your screen. You will see a red button named “Add A Property.” Click on it. This will drive you to the verification page.

Add Website To Google Webmaster Tools

3. In this step, you will have to verify your website for Google webmaster tools. You will find several methods for verifying your website, but I will recommend you to use “Alternate Methods” for verifying your site quickly.

Add Website To Google Webmaster Tools 2

4. After clicking on the “Alternate Methods” tab, you will see 4 different methods to verify your site. You can use any of these methods, but my recommendation is to use the first method. This is the easiest method for verifying your site to google webmaster tools. So click on it.

5. Now download the verification file by clicking on the download link. Login to your cPanel and upload the file into the root directory. Visit the link to confirm successful upload. Now solve the captcha and click on the “verify” button. Your website should be verified by Google.

Add Website To Google Webmaster Tools 3

After successful verification, your property (website) will be listed in google webmaster tools. Click on your newly verified property and go to the webmaster tools dashboard. Now we have to submit our sitemap to google webmaster tools. Let’s see how :

Submit Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools :

Sitemap submission is very important because sitemap helps search engine's crawler to crawl and index a website more accurately. It may take a long time to get indexed a website without a sitemap. So you should create and submit sitemap to google webmaster tools :

1. For submitting sitemap, go to the “Crawl section > Sitemaps”. You will see a red button named “ADD/TEST SITEMAP” at the top right corner. Click on that.

Submit Sitemap To Google Webmaster Tools

2. Put your XML sitemap into the box. Now click on the submit button as shown above.
If you want to test your sitemap, then click on the test sitemap button. This will show your sitemap is error free or not.

After adding your website to Google Webmaster Tools and submitting your sitemap, now you will be able to use google webmaster tools for SEO by using those features mentioned above. If you need to know anything else, then leave a comment.

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