Free Online Plagiarism Detector Tools To Find Duplicate Contents!

This is very true that become a successful blogger is not a matter of a day. It needs a lot of hard work and effort. Also, we need to remain conscious about many factors like useful contents, SEO etc. Among many factors, the duplicate content issue is major for blogging. That’s why today I will tell you about some free online plagiarism detector tools. By using one of these tools you will be able to detect duplicate contents.

If you are allowing the guest post on your site, if you are buying contents or hired someone to write contents for your blog then you can check content duplicity by using these tools. Believe me, there is no way to make your blog popular or get higher rank in search engines by providing duplicate content on your blog. So you must avoid duplicate content.

These free plagiarism detector tools are very helpful for discussion sites like the forum, question-answer etc. On a public discussion site where user contribution is allowed, It is very difficult to maintain the site’s quality. If you cannot check the content provided by others you may not keep your site away from the duplicate content. So my suggestion is to use these duplicate content detector tools without any cost to keep your site clean.

List Of Free Online Plagiarism Detector Tools:

1. World's most popular free online plagiarism detector tool is “Copyscape”. Both free and premium version is available for this tool. You can use the free version for detecting the duplicate content. The free version of this tool has a limitation.  I should also mention that the premium version’s cost is very low and you will get the opportunity of unlimited search.

Copyscape Plagiarism Detector

But if you do not want to buy the premium version then no problem. The free version is pretty suitable for a single domain or URL. It may give you up to 10 searches for a single domain per day. It is good enough for a personal blog. I mean you can publish up to 10 articles per day on your blog by checking through this tool.

This tool is very easy to use. After publishing your content, you have to visit their site and put your article’s permalink(URL) into the search box and click on the search button. This tool will show you the result and the source from where the content is duplicated.

2. Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools: This is another impressive plagiarism detector tool. I personally love this tool because I can check the content’s duplicity before publishing the content. After visiting this tool you will find a text area. There you can put your text > Complete the captcha and click on the search button to find the duplicate lines of your content.

Small SEO Tools Plagiarism Detector

This tool will search every sentence of your content. If a single sentence is matched with any sentence is already indexed by Google then this sentence will be counted as duplicate. After that, you will see the result. If any sentence is duplicated, you will be able to see the source by clicking on the highlighted line generated by the tool.

3. Plagspotter - Plagiarism Detector: It is pretty similar to Copyscape. For checking duplicate content through this tool, you must publish your content at first. Then put the URL of your content into the tool’s search box and click on the “Find Page Copies” button. You will see the sources of your content duplicity. This tool also can help you a lot for analyzing your entire site for duplicate content.

Plagspotter Plagiarism Detector

4. Plagium - Plagiarism Detector: We can consider this tools as the best Copyscape alternative but there is a little difference between these plagiarism detector tools. It is completely free to use. You can paste your text directly into this tool and check for plagiarism but Copyscape will not give you this opportunity.

Plagium Plagiarism Detector

It supports up to 25 000 words to check at a time. Also, there are some additional features like multi-language facilities, relevancy meter, social networks etc. As I have told you that this tool is completely free but signup is required. You can create a free account through facebook or email.

5. Plagiarisma - Plagiarism Detector: This is the second best Copyscape alternative. This is a very powerful duplicate content detector which tool you can use for free. You will have three options to check your content whether it is duplicate or not.

Plagiarisma Plagiarism Detector

You will find a textbox where you can paste your text to check.
You can upload the content file to check it. Supported formats are: HTML, TXT, PDF, DOC, DOCX, ODT and RTF.
And the final option is through URL.

This free duplicate content checker tool is usable both online and offline. For using offline, you have to download this tool on your PC. You can download and use this tool without any cost.

6. Copygator - Plagiarism Detector: Copygator is pretty exceptional duplicate content checker because this tool use RSS feeds to find duplicate content or content thief. If somebody is stealing your website’s content, then Copygator has the function to notify you. This feature I like most of this tool. Except, you will have a complete instruction to use this tool on their homepage.

CopyGator Plagiarism Detector

7. Duplichecker - Plagiarism Detector: If you visit their homepage, you will see a large number of blogging and SEO tools are available there. Among those, their duplicate content checker tool is outstanding. You can paste up to 1500 word at a time to check like the small SEO tool’s plagiarism checker. They also support TEXT and DOCX file format to upload and check.

Duplichecker Plagiarism Detector

8. Plagiarism Checker - Plagiarism Detector: This is another free duplicate content checker tool with a few options. This simple tool will let you check duplicate content by pasting your content into the search box. No other option is available. According to me, this tool is very easy and suitable to use.

Plagiarism Checker Plagiarism Detector

I have listed 8 world’s most popular free online plagiarism detector tools to find duplicate contents. Hope you have already picked up your desired one and start using. Use one of this tool to avoid duplicate content and bring your blogging success fast. You can share your feedback through comment. You can also let me know if I missed any tool which works nicely.

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